Joy and Cake

This photo I took of Brie on her birthday was featured on Broken Light: A Photography Collective. Thanks for featuring my photo! Everyone should check out other people’s work on the BL site!

Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Photo taken by first-time contributor Samantha, a 25-year-old living and working in Atlanta. She loves to write, take photos, cook, travel, and spend time with her favorite people. Her little sister Brie is autistic and has severe OCD. Brie is one of the most inspirational people Samantha has ever known.

About this photo: “I took this photo on Brie’s 22nd birthday. Birthdays are her favorite days of the year because she loves to celebrate with good food and cake. This photo captures her enthusiasm for the simple things that can bring us joy.


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I saw a ghost (of myself)

On the train to work,
I saw a ghost (of myself).
A teenage girl scribbling
in a composition notebook,
her headphones blocking the sound of
the train’s groaning wheels &
the grating small-talk of morning people.
She sniffed in disdain as I disembarked
at the Buckhead station
(down the street from
the most bourgeoisie shops in town).
Before entering the real world,
it’s easy to say
you’ll never work for The Man,
decaying in an office.
But until dreams come true,
a girl’s got to eat.