Instead of surrendering to the mundane

Don’t believe a boy
who sighs in exasperation
as he gravely says,
“It’s complicated…”
(yet doesn’t explain
how that prevents him
from being with you.)
Don’t trust a boy
who hears but doesn’t listen
and treats you
as a microphone,
(an amplifier for
his own voice)
not as a confidante.
Don’t be thrilled by a boy
who blurts his “secrets”
prematurely and all at once —
vulnerability isn’t brazen,
it’s embarrassedly meek
(not an strategic ploy
to garner sympathy).
Don’t fall prey to a boy
who worships you as his muse —
you’ll always fall short of
his idea of who you are
(remember: you’re a flawed,
still lovable woman).
Recognize the man
who doesn’t invent excuses
because his and your baggage
make a full set
(every adult carries some 
into a relationship).
Trust the man
who (slowly) opens up
and shares the things
no one else knows
(his dreams and fears
aren’t common knowledge).
Cherish the man
who remembers that
you refuse to
be bothered before
your first cup of coffee.
Appreciate the man
who understands you —
especially when you cry
over books and TV shows
because you feel
the characters’ pain.
Love sustains when
you embrace both the
beautiful and incorrigible,
while making every day
an adventure
instead of surrendering
to the mundane.