I will never be Jack Kerouac

I will never be Jack Kerouac.
The only people for me aren’t the mad ones —
the ones whose worst nightmare is to be called boring
& shrug off selfishness with their carpe diem philosophy.
The ones who are blasé about anything commonplace,
then burn & engulf bystanders in their flames.
The only people for me are the genuine ones —
the ones who don’t want to be revered as nonconformists
& know that living life fully doesn’t mean disregarding others.
The ones who find beauty in every day,
& don’t create conflict to have a story to tell.
I will never be Jack Kerouac
because I would rather have real, caring friends
than be surrounded by people who
careen toward impossibly perfect moments
& remain oblivious to the destruction left in their wake.

9 thoughts on “I will never be Jack Kerouac

  1. I love this! I read “On the Road” for one of my college literature courses, and I hated it. I didn’t understand why Kerouac was so idolized, when he struck me as incredibly selfish.


    • Thank you, Miranda! So glad you agree. I understand why people liked his “I don’t give a crap” attitude, but it was to the detriment of other people, which is why I’m just like -_- any time people cite “On the Road” as one of their favorite books. Then, there’s also the fact that if there was a group of women who did what the Beats did, they’d be labeled as irresponsible floozies — but that’s another rant for another day! Lol.


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