The definition of (our) love

Our love isn’t candlelit
with rose petals strewn on the floor
a fragrant path leading to our bed
(that’s an unnecessary mess to sweep up).
Our love isn’t public proclamations
accompanied by dancing flashmobs
or long kisses displayed on a Jumbotron
(it’s not meant to entertain an audience).
Our love is how you always take out the trash
& rush to kill bugs when I shriek & scurry away.
It’s the omelets I make you for breakfast
& when I pick up your dry cleaning after work.
It’s the half-chocolate, half-vanilla sundae
you get for us to share, spoons nudging
each other’s toppings to their respective sides.
It’s quiet embraces after hard days.
It’s laughing until hysterical tears escape.
It’s you & me against the world.