My boyfriend left for Seoul this afternoon.

My boyfriend left for Seoul this afternoon. He will be there on a work assignment for the rest of the fiscal quarter. I didn’t cry at the airport (or yet). Then again, it’s been less than twelve hours since I saw him off at the security gate (and he hasn’t even arrived in South Korea).

Our little one bedroom apartment seems bigger. It seems quieter, too — although, Ceddy is only loud when he’s playing FIFA on Xbox. His desk is still a mess from his hurried packing this morning. I’ve got my laptop and extra pillows on his side of the bed, so his absence is less obvious (not that it works).

On the bright side, I can drink Jim Beam on the rocks and Ceddy won’t say it tastes horrible — like college and disappointment.

There are many things I want to express, but there’s an inverse relationship between the ratio of bourbon consumed to number of phrases I can articulate.