Akihabara: Tokyo’s otaku cultural center & electronics shopping district

Ceddy and I went to Akihabara because it’s the district where many electronics are developed in Tokyo. It has a huge selection of electronics stores, as well. Akihabara is also known as the otaku cultural center of Tokyo. Otaku refers to people belong to fandoms, particularly for anime, manga, and video games.

So much anime. Tokyo, Japan.

So much anime & so many video game ads. Tokyo, Japan.

There were skyscrapers belonging to electronics companies, as well as electronics stores.

Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan.

Ads with sexy anime ladies. I didn’t get a photo of the girls in maid costumes who handed out flyers for maid cafés. Those cafés are a subset of cosplay restaurants where the waitresses act as maids to their patrons.

Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan.

There were street vendors selling manga books, anime prints, and even hentai porn.

Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo, Japan.

The electronics store we went to wasn’t anything special — it just had several floors. Ceddy is a technology nerd and heard exciting things about Akihabara, but didn’t think it lived up to the hype. We did find a store that sold old school Nintendo games for super cheap, though, which he enjoyed. I was more interested in the fandom aspect of the area, which was alternately cool and creepy.

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