The best Christmas present I received.

The best Christmas present I received was that Ceddy came home a week and a half early.

While it was great to spend time with Raf and Brie for a few days, I limited interacting with our parents because of the drama they always bring. As kids (and out of habit as adults), my siblings and I learned to tiptoe around our volatile parents for fear of setting off one of their infamous fights. Historically, holidays have brought out the worst in their behavior. This year, I made it clear that I was there for my siblings and would make separate plans with my siblings if they continued to be horrible to me, so they behaved themselves (for the most part).

Yesterday, I felt bereft.

This year, the only holiday I looked forward to was Thanksgiving since I spent it with Ceddy. For the past couple of years, we haven’t gotten to spend Christmas together. I didn’t care as much about not getting to spend New Year’s Eve together last year, since going out in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve can be a logistical nightmare. Still, I couldn’t help but miss him even more than on a regular day.

As I assisted in preparing dinner, I got a couple texts from Ceddy. He was home. He wished me a merry Christmas and sent me a photo of his luggage in our living room. After hugging my siblings, I raced home. Though he got me cool souvenirs from his other travels, getting to snuggle together was my favorite gift.


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