abysmally low tolerance: a haiku

never sleep on time
after coffee this morning
oh, low tolerance.

8 thoughts on “abysmally low tolerance: a haiku

  1. Oh, I know this feeling. I can practically hear the exhaustion you feel through the words of your haiku! Hope you can get some rest this weekend. 🙂


  2. I love the way Haiku poetry says so much with so little words!

    I relate entirely to having no where near enough sleep at times, however, I’m not keen on coffee so I claim its 10 times worse for me… lol


      • I don’t drink tea either! Though I do enjoy fresh juices (made with ridiculously expensive juicers)

        All one needs to do is have a fresh cucumber, carrot and ginger juice to get VERY awake.. *screws up face in disgust*… lol


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