none of this is for you

men cannot dictate
how we (women)
style our hair
choose outfits
or apply makeup.
many assume that
we only exist to be
aesthetically pleasing
(to them)
& are shocked when
we explain that
none of this is for you
& we could care less
if you don’t think
we’re beautiful
because we know we are.

10 thoughts on “none of this is for you

  1. I love it! What a great message, Samantha. That’s quite an assumption for your co-workers to make, that you would need your boyfriend’s approval to cut your hair. Oh, and don’t you love it when some men (not all men! there are obviously some enlightened men supporting your post here!) claim that women are high-maintenance for spending time fixing their hair, applying makeup, and choosing the right outfit, but they certainly don’t want to be seen with a low-maintenance woman!


    • Thank you, Miranda! ๐Ÿ˜€ I knew you would back me up on this one. Lol! Seriously. -_- These are the same coworkers who have made other comments when I try a new lipstick color or hair color, too. Exactly — they’re also the same ones who complain that their wives “take forever to get ready,” when they would also complain if their wives didn’t put on makeup or do their hair.


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