a woman morphs
into a chameleon —
blends in every situation —
dialect & tone,
makeup & dress,
posture & gait.
each disguise distances
herself from who she was
before becoming
a permanent impostor.


4 thoughts on “chameleon

  1. Powerful stuff, Samantha! That last line is particularly hard hitting, and one that I believe many women relate to. In the beginning, it was a struggle for me to no longer hide behind a mask, but now I try to take a “what you see is what you get” approach. I don’t bother with makeup, and the only styling my hair gets is a brushing a few times a day. I figure as long as my clothes match, my work on my outfit is done. 😛 Leaves a lot of free time for stuff like writing, and reading good books.


    • Thanks so much, Miranda! 😀 I always appreciate your comments & insight. I think so too — we all have to struggle with it, but life is so much easier when we accept who we are. You’re totally right — we have a lot of extra time to do more important stuff that way! Lol!!


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