secondhand embarrassment: a haiku

mortified, you watch
metaphorical train wrecks
without an escape.


9 thoughts on “secondhand embarrassment: a haiku

  1. So I guess this would be the opposite feeling of Schadenfreude? I wonder if there’s a word for that. And now that I read the comments, I’m feeling for the guy! It takes guts to approach someone (well, unless you’re a cocky little SOB, and it sounds like this guy wasn’t). Better luck next time, fella.


    • I think so. Lol! Yeah, he seemed like a nice dude. I was at the bank & the girl was checking him out first. (He was a bank employee.) But then he started talking & the poor guy had the worst stutter I’ve seen on a grown person. In my mind, I was running in slow-motion yelling “NOOO!” because the girl was just really mean about not hiding her disdain.


      • Oh, that’s horrible. His nerves might have brought it out. That woman didn’t sound like any prize; he should be glad she revealed how she really was right away. But why, why, why do guys hit on women like this one? She’s obviously evil, and yet they still do it!


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