expectations vs. reality

you reach adulthood
when you realize
you can’t run
from every outcome
that doesn’t turn out
how you wished —
because there’s a difference
between getting out of
a bad situation &
never accepting that
things won’t always
go your way.
you reach adulthood
when you realize that
life turns out exactly
how it was supposed to,
not how you expected.


2 thoughts on “expectations vs. reality

  1. Much wisdom in these words, Samantha! It’s kind of sad how some people never learn this lesson. I particularly love the way you ended the poem. It reminds me of a great quote by Margaret Mitchell: “Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.” I think the sooner we realize this, the happier we’ll be. Great poem, my friend!


    • Thanks so much, Miranda! I agree — people need to keep things in perspective. I’ve noticed that the unhappiest people are the ones who do think that life “owes them” what they want. They tend to be the passive folks who just let stuff happen to them, as well. Lol.


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