you will forget
the reflex to build
an emotional fortress
& expect the worst.
you won’t need
to brace yourself
for glaring signs
pushing you to escape.
you won’t miss
the nagging self-doubt
that disappears in time.
you will discover
why countless poems
are written about love.

Throwback Thursday: The Ridiculous does The Wild Beaver

The Wild Beaver. Nashville, Tennessee. 09.09.11.

The Wild Beaver. Nashville, Tennessee. 09.09.11.

The Wild Beaver Saloon isn’t the classiest establishment. It’s a hilarious honky tonk bar where you can sing karaoke, ride a mechanical bull, and do free shots (courtesy of scantily clad ladies who promote disgusting candy flavored vodka or other liquors). Whenever I would visit Andrea in Nashville, we would exasperate the other bar patrons by singing terrimazing renditions of pop songs with our other lady friends.

you are not (only) made of stardust

while you are made of stardust,
in addition, you are
tempered by disappointments
resilient when you forge ahead
humbled by past failures
& stronger when you try again.
you are not (only) made of stardust —
you are more than you could imagine.

happy anniversary, dear blog!

It’s been a year since I posted my first entry on this blog. I’ve written more in this past year than I had in the preceding four (five, really). I’ve shared photos of my travels. Most importantly, I’ve gotten to connect with so many awesome people.

I wanted to thank y’all for reading, commenting, liking, & being part of my journey. I hope to keep creating & interacting with even more great people in this upcoming year.