someday, you’ll see

someday, you’ll see there’s a (vast) difference between
teaching one’s child how to make good decisions
& insisting your way is the (only) correct path.
someday, you’ll realize that I’m not rebellious,
(adults don’t rebel; they act on their own accord).
someday, you’ll see that you removed yourself from my life
by (constantly) criticizing everything that garnered your disapproval.
someday, you’ll realize that love is (truly) unconditional
(not contingent on being who someone wants you to be).
despite your insistence that I’m nothing without you,
I’ve never been more certain that I’m becoming
the woman I needed as a role model, but got you instead.

4 thoughts on “someday, you’ll see

  1. Raw and powerful, Samantha. I’m glad you’re able to express the frustration you feel in your poetry, because I agree with Robert–it is good to get it out. And someone else may read this very moving poem and realize they’re not alone. Hugs to you, friend.


    • Thanks so much, Miranda! Sending hugs your way, too! It really has helped to write things like this out. Since it’s highly unlikely the situation is going to improve, at least I can feel better that I worked through it with writing & with the help of awesome friends!


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