our generation’s (version of) paper pushers

to our generation’s (version of) paper pushers
whose eyes worsen as they’re glued to computer screens
who type ninety-five words per minute
who have carpal tunnel before graduation
whose nine to five grind depletes creativity
whose cubicle is a prison until happy hour
who never thought they would work for the man —
you didn’t sell out —
you took the pragmatic way out.

6 thoughts on “our generation’s (version of) paper pushers

  1. Hear, hear! If you don’t “sell out” these days, you’ll be living under a bridge. When I was in college, another English major whom I had several classes with proclaimed that she was going to write full time and not bother looking for a job after graduation. “I’ll be poor,” she said with a shrug, “but I can do without electricity.” As for me, I think there’s a helluva lot to be said for working lights and running water.


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