because it is that
time of year when
everything appears anew,
you ignore flames that
incinerate anything in its wake.
ascending from a pile of ashes,
you are reborn.

the spring conundrum

after the longest winter,
all i want is to skip
through a field of flowers
& lay on the grass
while enjoying a picnic.
alas —
the best parts of spring
are also the worst
for those of us
whose kryptonite is pollen.

Throwback Thursday: Marina Abramović performing at the MoMA

Marina Abramović at the MoMA. New York, New York. 03.07.10.

Marina Abramović performing at the MoMA. New York, New York. 03.07.10.

During spring break our senior year of college, I visited Andrea in New York. For one of our cultural outings, we went to the MoMA where Marina Abramović was performing “The Artist is Present.” Strangers would sit across from her while she stared back at them intently (silently).