our generation’s (version of) paper pushers

to our generation’s (version of) paper pushers
whose eyes worsen as they’re glued to computer screens
who type ninety-five words per minute
who have carpal tunnel before graduation
whose nine to five grind depletes creativity
whose cubicle is a prison until happy hour
who never thought they would work for the man —
you didn’t sell out —
you took the pragmatic way out.

Though I didn’t have the day off, I’ve had a good birthday.

No one likes working on her birthday. Especially when most people have the day off. But my boss is infamous for not closing the office on federal holidays (Columbus Day, MLK Day, President’s Day…the list goes on), so I just had to deal.

Still, I had a good birthday. I’m thankful for the amazing people in my life. Here’s to hoping twenty-six is as great as twenty-five was!